Bright Field Cell Counting and Viability Assays

Bright field cell counting and viability assays

The Trypan blue staining method is still widely used in all cell culture labs due to its simplicity and reliability. The bright field module of the Countstar® FL allows its users to get result data of up to five samples by one single click. 

Fluorescence viability assay

Freshly isolated primary cells or cultured cells may contain impurities, several cell types or interfering particles such as cell debris which will make it impossible to analyze the cells of interest. With its sophisticated image recognition algorithms, the Countstar® FL makes it easy to analyze even these complex sample situations.

Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs) viability and counts analysis is a universal method in clinical labs and basic medical science research. Normally, PBMCs will be separated from the plasma by a density gradient centrifugation method which will consume at least 1 hour or more. But even with such an effort it is still difficult to remove all of the red blood cells which lead to wrong positive cell counts. With fluorescent dyes it will be much  easier to avoid such miscountings.