Algae Detection Case

Countstar® BioMarine is a new member of the Countstar family that inherits such advantages as stability, accuracy, convenience and efficiency. With Countstar® BioMarine, user can obtain the image, concentration and aggregation rate of algae cells within 20 seconds of adding 20μl of algal cell suspension. The concentration measurement range of Countstar Algae is 1×104-5×107/mL, and the diameter range of algae cells is limited to 2μm-180μm.


The shapes of algae, such as circular, crescent, filamentous and fusiform, may differ in thousands of ways. The measurement parameters preset in Countstar® BioMarine for different shapes of algae are applicable to most varieties. As for some special algae, parameter settings is provided. Through convenient parameter settings, parameters for special algae may be set in Countstar® BioMarine, which will become the perfect assistant for experiments.

The Counting of Different Algae by Countstar® BioMarine

 Selenastrum Bibraianum Cells


The counting of oscillatoria



 Cylindrotheca Fusiformis  


When a mixed culture of a variety of alga is required, one kind of algae is often chosen for concentration measurement. The advanced software system of Countstar® BioMarine can count the algae separately. For example, in the case of a mixed culture of filamentous algae and spherical algae, different parameters can be set so that Countstar Algae can identify filamentous algae and spherical algae separately.


Filamentous Algae and Spherical Algae          Counting of Filamentous Algae               Counting of Spherical Algae


 Countstar® BioMarine  is characterized by excellent accuracy and stability of measurements. The measurements of  Countstar® BioMarine are highly consistent with those of a hemocytometer, but show higher data reproducibility and better linearity.