Immunocytometry Analysis

Immune cells are a large family including: PBMC, Macrophages,DC, CIK, CD3AK, NK, NKT, LAK, TIL,TC etc.  Detect these immune cells by Countstar ® can achieve better results.

    Just extracted immune cells without pure culture which have more impurities than subculture of cell lines, and the individual cells themselves vary by species and source。Countstar® BioTech atuomated cell counter can solve these problems.

Countstar® BioTech is applicable to cells with diameter between 5-180μm and the density between 1×104-3×107/ml. For different cells by different detection parameters, just reference the sample with to fine-tune can meet the experimental requirements.







 Peripheral blood lymphocytes


  Mouse bone marrow lymphocytes                      Rat bone marrow lymphocytes


 NK                                                      CIK