Blood cells, also known as "blood",for example of mammals , the blood cells mainly contain the following three parts:Red blood cells: the main function is to transport oxygen, Leukocytes: mainly play the role of immunity, When the bacteria invade the human body, the white blood cells can penetrate the capillary wall, concentrated to the site of the invasion of bacteria, the bacteria be surrounded and swallowed; Platelets: plays an important role in hemostasis. Under normal physiological conditions, blood cells and platelets have a certain morphological structure, and a relatively stable number.

The anticoagulant diluted blood 1000 times, add into Countstar® cell counting plate, click the start button, within 20s to get the concentration of red blood cells. Compared to blood routine instrument greatly saves the time and operating procedures.


For white blood cells,after the erythrocytes were lysed,Concentration and viability analysis can easily be done in the Countstar® using trypan blue reagents。