Tumor Cell Concentration and Viability and Other Parameters Detection

Tumor cells are a kind of cells which are concerned in scientific cell research,  at present. They are also indispensable in the research of tumor prevention . these cells have many kinds and different growth characteristics. From the detection of concentration and viability and other cell parameters, most of these cells form uniform size, easy to form a single cell suspension, diameter range of 14-18μm, the concentration range is generally 1 × 105-5 × 106 / ml. Tumor cells are one of the most easily detectable samples for Countstar®, almost no need setting detection parameters, the standard parameters that come with the Countstar® can meet the test requirements.



A549 Lung adenocarcinoma cells

 801-D  Lung adenocarcinoma cells

 CNE2  Nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells




  MCF-7  Human breast cancer cells 

 MFC Mouse stomach cancer cells 

U87 Brain astrocytoma

Cell size distribution