Cluster of differentiation (CD) marker analysis

A lymphocyte subsets analysis is a typical experiment performed in cell related research fields to diagnose various diseases (autoimmune disease, immunodeficiency disease, tumor diagnosis, haemostasis, allergic diseases, and many more) and  disease pathology. It is also be used to test the cell quality in various cell  diseases  research . Flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy are the routine analysis methods in cell  diseases  research institutes used for the immuno-phenotyping. But these analysis methods can either provide images or data series, only, which may not meet the strict approval requirements of the regulatory authorities. 

The Countstar® FL provides a combined solution for the CD marker analysis. Images combined with statistical highly accurate results, the Countstar® FL realizes both by one single click.

Freshly isolated PBMCs were induced with Interleukin (IL)-6 followed by a labeling of CD3-FITC, CD4-PE, CD8-PE, and CD56-PE antibodies. Samples were analysed by Countstar® FL and flow cytometry simultaneously.


Samples were tested in regards to a classification into CD3-CD4 subsets, CD3-CD8 subsets and CD3-CD56 subsets.

 It could be demonstrated, that the results of the Countstar®  FL correlate exceedingly to those data of a flow cytometry analysis.