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A new automated cell counter for mammalian cell culture assessment

This paper focuses on a new automated cell counter, the 'Countstar' as seen in figure 1, which uses brightfield image analysis and the trypan blue dye-exclusion method. This has the advantage of automating the process to remove human error and subjectivity, while retaining the standard trypan blue dye-exclusion method. The Countstar instrument uses individually packaged disposable plastic slides and associated software to analyse 20 μl samples. Each slide contains five separate chambers to lower costs and waste. Once a sample is loaded and the cells have settled, the instrument takes around 10 seconds to analyse an image. The Countstar requires no regular maintenance and will save vital time in the laboratory, while reducing human error associated with manual cell counts.


#  Protective effect of Xin Mai Jia ultrafiltration extract on human umbilical vein endothelial cell injury induced by hydrogen peroxide and the effect on the NO‑cGMP signaling pathway
#  (5R)-5-hydroxytriptolide (LLDT-8), a novel immunosuppressant in clinical trials, exhibits potent antitumor activity via transcription inhibition
#  Up-regulated microRNA-143 in cancer stem cells differentiation promotes prostate cancer cells metastasis by modulating FNDC3B expression
#  Phosphatase and tensin homolog overexpression decreases proliferation and invasion and increases apoptosis in oral squamous cell carcinoma cells
#  Stable gene-silence of Kif2a synergistic with 5-fluorouracil suppresses oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma growth in vitroand in vivo
#  3D bioprinting of BMSC-laden methacrylamide gelatin scaffolds with CBD-BMP2-collagen microfibers
#  Centimeter-sized biomimetic bone constructs fabricated via CBD-BMP2-collagen microcarriers and BMSC-gelatin microspheres
#  A transient gene expression system using barley protoplasts to evaluate microRNAs for post-transcriptional regulation of their target genes
#  Multifunctional antitumor molecule 5′-triphosphate siRNA combining glutaminase silencing and RIG-I activation
#  Effect of straw leachates from Cry1Ca-expressing transgenic rice on the growth of Chlorella pyrenoidosa
#  Maximizing Antibody Production in Suspension-Cultured Mammalian Cells by the Customized Transient Gene Expression Method
#  Quinacrine impairs enterovirus 71 RNA replication by preventing binding of polypyrimidine-tract binding protein with internal ribosome entry sites
#  Scutellarin's Cardiovascular Endothelium Protective Mechanism: Important Role of PKG-I α
#  Anti-enterovirus 71 effects of chrysin and its phosphate ester
#  Inhibition of Enterovirus 71 replication by 7-hydroxyflavone and diisopropyl-flavon7-yl Phosphate
#  Activation-induced necroptosis contributes to B-cell lymphopenia in active systemic lupus erythematosus
#  Improve your OLAP Environment with Hyperion and Teradata
#  A novel fish cell line derived from the brain of Chinese perchSiniperca chuatsi development and characterization
#  Development and characterization of a cell line from the snout of koi (Cyprinus carpio L.) for detection of koi herpesvirus
#  Dexamethasone loaded core-shell SF-PEO nanofibers via green electrospinning reduced endothelial cells inflammatory damage
#  Dichloroacetate blocks aerobic glycolytic adaptation to attenuated measles virus and promotes viral replication leading to enhanced oncolysis in glioblastoma
#  Establishment from the snout and kidney of goldfish, Carassius auratus, of two new cell lines and their susceptibility to infectious pancreatic necrosis virus
#  Expressions of miR-181a and miR-20a in RPMI8226 cell line and their potential as biomarkers for multiple myeloma
#  Immortalization and characterization of human dental mesenchymal cells
#  Monitoring tryptophan metabolism after exposure to hexaconazole and the enantioselective metabolism of hexaconazole in rat hepatocytes in vitro
#  PEGylated rhFGF-2 Conveys Long-term Neuroprotection and Improves Neuronal Function in a Rat Model of Parkinson’s Disease
#  Recognition of Cytosolic DNA Attenuates Glucose metabolism and induces AMPK mediated energy stress response
#  The acidic transformed nano-VO2 causes macrophage cell death by the induction of lysosomal membrane permeabilization and Ca2+ efflux
#  The Time-Dependent Morphological Alteration and Enucleation Process during the differentiation of mammalian erythroid cells
#  Transcriptional silencing of ETS-1 abrogates epithelial-mesenchymal transition resulting in reduced motility of pancreatic cancer cells
#  Wnt signaling regulation of stem-like properties in human lung adenocarcinoma cell lines

细胞松弛素B 对山羊颞下颌关节盘细胞及细胞骨架肌动蛋白的影响



不同生产工艺制备水痘减毒活疫苗(VZV 84-7株)的比较

目的采用细胞工厂替代传统转瓶工艺制备水痘减毒活疫苗(VZV 84-7株)。方法分别用细胞工厂和3 L转瓶培养2BS细胞,制备水痘减毒活疫苗(VZV 84-7株)各6批,采用Countstar全自动细胞计数仪进行细胞计数,并以计数结果中的单位面积细胞数、成活率及消化后细胞的平均直径为指标,考察细胞质量,同时采用蚀斑法检测原液、成品及成品37℃放置7 d后(热稳定性)的病毒滴度。